Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer in North Vancouver?

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Take Care of Your Family with a Matrimonial and Divorce Lawyer in North Vancouver
Of all the legal fields, family law is most frequently emotion-driven. With high emotions and high stakes, family lawsuits can be difficult to manage. You want to evaluate the facts and make practical decisions—a divorce lawyer in North Vancouver is the solution. He or she will work to secure the best scenarios for your family and loved ones.

From divorces to custody battles, Lonsdale Law takes each family and matrimonial case seriously. We work to avoid unnecessary conflict, hostility, and financial burden for our clients. If possible, we’ll help you settle your case outside of court. When you have a pending lawsuit and are unsure of how to proceed, we are here to help.

Specifically, we provide legal guidance and assistance for clients dealing with:

  • Child Support and Parenting Issues. Your kids come first and we understand that. We will help you settle issues like where your kids will live and who will provide care. What’s more, we’ll do our best to simplify the proceedings to protect your family.
  • Superannuation and Financial Support. Following a marital separation, the most complicated issue is often finances. With our help, you can secure the best possible conclusions for questions about spousal and child support.
  • Property and Asset Division. We work with you to find solutions to property assignment issues outside of court. First, we evaluate property worth and contributions from each property. From there we can work to create a settlement plan.

No matter your North Vancouver family law need, we will provide support every step of the way.

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